The Right Tools

Are You Using The Best Applications For Your Business Needs?

Processes and products used to achieve any business goal evolve over time.  People learn to do tasks with the tools available.

People are creatures of habit. Once they learn a way to do something that works, they do not normally seek a better way. This is particularly true with using computer software where individual tasks may only take a few seconds.

Over time other tools and possibilities may become available to do the same task. Sometimes a more recent version of the same software may have better tools to do the task.

For example, it is still quite common for data in Microsoft Excel workbooks to be copied into Microsoft Word documents, then formatted to present results in a preferred way.  The presentation ability of Microsoft Excel has improved enormously. It may be more efficient to present your reports straight from Microsoft Excel.

4ITResults can assess your current work practices to determine if there are opportunities to save time with Targeted Training to show you new ways to use existing applications or by using different applications.

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