Service Rates


General Rates
All rates are negotiable depending on issues like travel distance, complexity of the tasks undertaken and length of any project work. Discounts are available for longer term projects or training.

Rates vary from $40 per hour to $100 per hour. A minimum of 1 hour will be charged for all services then in half-hour blocks or part thereof.

Equipment Hire
A laptop, data projector and screen is available to hire for training if required.

Work As A Temporary Contractor
Rates will depend on work duration and complexity and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Automated Solutions
When well defined automation functionality is provided, fixed price quotations can be provided.

Applications Development
Where applications are developed that have the potential for use by other parties, contact 4ITResults about sharing in the profits of future sales.

Terms Of Payment
Payment for all invoices will be due 30 days after the invoice date.

For larger projects, milestone payments will be agreed before the commencement of the project. Each milestone payment will also be due 30 days after the invoice date of each milestone.

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