Targeted Training

Training That Really Benefits You

The Value Of Training
When you consider how much training is worth to you, consider the difference between:

“Spending a small amount of money to get some generalised training”
“Spending enough to be well trained so you can continually save money”

Money spent on training is like any other investment.  A small amount invested in a “one size fits all” scheme is unlikely to return good ongoing results.

Standard IT training courses often seem cost effective for businesses but they can also:
–          be held at times and locations that do not suit.
–          use different operating systems and versions of software from those you use.
–          cover topics you already know and don’t cover some of those you need.
–          finish when the time expires, not necessarily when you have learnt what you need.

When a large group is trained together, some will catch on quickly and will spend time waiting for others. Some will not be able to keep up and the training will be ineffective.

Targeted training by 4ITResults delivers skills people need, at a time that suits them and at an appropriate pace.

What business skills do you have now? Download a free Skills Check.
What training would benefit you? Download some Typical Training Documents for ideas.
No time for training? See “Too Busy To Learn“.

A Better Way
Improving productivity is not just about learning how to do new things.  Doing what you already do, but faster, is one of the most overlooked opportunities for increasing productivity.

Many people learn one way to do a routine task and because “it works” they have no reason to change.  4ITResults can show people quicker ways to do many routine tasks. These techniques include:
–          using keyboard shortcuts
–          customising toolbars and ribbons
–          using templates
–          using macros

Learning faster methods to do routine tasks is productivity you will use immediately and forever.  The more you embrace finding new ways to do things faster, the more likely you are to look for them in future.

If you save only 6 seconds a minute, that is a 10% increase in productivity!

To see what benefits await you, contact 4ITResults now.