Private Tutoring

A World Of Opportunities

So Many Things To Do …
There are many exciting and rewarding activities you can do with a computer and the Internet. Some examples:
–          do your banking and pay your bills via the Internet.
–          talk for free to anyone in the world that is connected to the Internet.
–          buy things on line safely from all over the world.
–          use E-mail, attaching files, for friends, family and businesses.
–          scan paperwork, documents, and photos, so you can send it by E-mail.
–          copy your photos from a digital camera, improve and organise them.
–          scan old photos, negatives and slides, then learn how to improve and repair the resulting image.
–          search the Internet to find out about almost anything in which you are interested.
–          download music and movies to watch on your computer or television.
–          use a word processor to create professional looking documents, maybe write a novel.
–          use a spread sheet program (like Microsoft Excel) to track your finances or maybe record your assets for insurance.
–          learn to backup and protect all the files on your computer.

Tutoring That Suits You
If you would like to learn about any of these types of activities:
–          with a friendly tutor.
–          with no time pressure and at a comfortable pace.
–          in your own home or office.
–          with your own equipment and software.

then 4ITResults can help you get started or improve on what you already know.

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