A core business of Alpha-Financials is to provide complex financial modelling via Microsoft Excel and it is in this area that Neil has worked for Alpha-Financials since 2000. The models produced by the company have been enhanced to such a degree by his skill at automation that this work is now considered core functionality.

Neil has increased the functionality and elegance of the model greatly. Users are able to manipulate complex underlying data with an ease that would not be possible without the type of interface Neil has provided.

His attention to detail and commitment to delivering a good product has been constant. During his association with Alpha-Financials he has become the first point of contact for all software related issues. On numerous occasions he has trained our personnel in advanced functionality of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Image Processing software and more.

We can highly recommend Neil as someone with a demonstrated ability in the field of Excel automation as well as a variety of other software.

Site www.alpha-financials.com
Contact peter.harding@alpha-financials.com

Inveress Small Business IT Services
Inveress provides a comprehensive range of IT services targeted at small businesses such as web site development and hosting, on-site and remote technical support, social media management, data management, graphic design and more.

Neil has worked with me on numerous joint projects.  He has demonstrated a wide range of technical and people skills and he has a keen ability to engage and communicate with people at all levels of technical proficiency.  Neil has consistently demonstrated an ability to determine user requirements and deliver good results based on those requirements.

I can recommend Neil as someone well qualified to deliver targeted training and sound IT solutions.

Site www.inveress.net
Contact peter.monk@inveress.net

Strata Water Solutions
Strata Water Solutions was established in 1995 in response to a change in the water rating system in South Australia. The “user pays” system created anomalies in the Strata Title unit environment where owners received an account based on a “shared meter”. Strata Water Solutions can install and read individual meters then provide account billing to individual property owners.

We engaged Neil to see if he could automate a time consuming repetitive manual data entry task. The solution he provided is now many times faster than the old manual method and reduces the chances of errors in our figures.

During the discussions of options we could use to improve the process, Neil demonstrated a wide range of knowledge relating to improving offices systems. I would engage Neil again for any similar tasks and gladly recommend him as someone that can improve your workflow in the office.

Site www.stratawater.com.au
Contact stratawater@internode.on.net

United Water International
United Water International provided water and wastewater services to the city of Adelaide and surrounding areas for 15 years.  During that time Neil was responsible for the reliable and efficient delivery of computer monitoring of all the city’s water and waste water plants and networks.

In this role Neil was required to effectively use many varieties of software ranging from standard office software to specialised automation software. Much of the value adding Neil provided was in recognising opportunities for automating processes and developing solutions to do so.  These solutions were applied not just in the monitoring field but in payroll, billing and project management areas. Neil was recognised in the company as the premier provider of Microsoft Excel automation skills.

Neil was also frequently called upon to train staff to use software that was often unusual and difficult to master.  His personal skills allowed him to successfully train users with a wide range of computer literacy.

Neil would be a valuable asset to any automation or training endeavour.

Contact kbeverley@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au

Doctor M Thomas
I am a busy practicing Medical Doctor with a keen interest in many facets of computing both in the business environment and as an interesting hobby.  Unfortunately I do not have the time to learn about much of what interests me.

I asked Neil if he was able to automate my monthly collation of expenditure from downloaded bank transaction statements.  He provided a great solution that not only imports the correct data each month from a variety of files but then automatically categorizes expenditure based on rules I can set myself.  This solution now saves me several hours every month.

I have also engaged Neil to teach me a wide range of skills that interest me.  In addition to improving my skills in Excel and Word, he has taught me things such as scanning old slide film then repairing the results, using a database to sort and filter my digital photos, learning how to download media files, using comprehensive backup software, using internet based file storage, remote controlling of other computers and more.

Neil has also provided much valued advice on purchasing computer hardware then helped in setting up these devices.

All of this assistance was provided in the comfort of my own home when it suited me.  I am impressed with Neil’s wide range of knowledge.  I am also pleased with his ability and patience in describing sometimes quite novel and complex ideas to me.

I can recommend Neil as a friendly and capable tutor and programmer to anybody.

Contact martyn749@gmail.com

Marion Council
We had been using multiple Excel spreadsheets to record data from different managers which were then combined each month to provide project reporting.  This system had become unmanageable the longer it was in use.  Keeping data consistent in each spreadsheet was too difficult.  Excel is not a multi user program.

Neil was able to provide a quick and cost effective way to use a free database file on a server that allowed multiple Excel spreadsheets to retrieve, store and update data all at the same time.

All data was entered and modified via forms in Excel with comprehensive validation, so employees could not damage data.  Users rights within the interface was controlled by their corporate network login groups without the need to setup another system of usernames and logins.

His solution also incorporated regular importation of payroll data so accurate costing was possible.  The output from the system was exactly as requested by us.

Neil certainly has wide ranging skills in Excel and data manipulation.  I can recommend him for your projects.

Contact Catrin.Johnson@marion.sa.gov.au

TAFE Noarlunga
We called upon Neil’s skills to provide an urgently needed Excel project involving importing data from various sources and then exporting files to upload into our payroll system.  Neil got us out of trouble in less time than we thought.

He went on to vastly improve what we had by providing a multi-user system using Excel as a front end and a single database back end.  This meant our previous problems of many users trying to access the same file together were solved.

Neil was able to use TAFE users network login groups to control what rights each user had to within the system as well as preventing non-authorised people from gaining any access.  This was essential for our situation.

Neil also used forms throughout the system so that users could only enter valid data.  The forms also prevented incomplete records being saved.

I can definitely recommend Neil for any Excel and data related work.

Contact Allison.Rogers@tafesa.edu.au

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
Neil was engaged to automate a tedious manual task involving importing data, then manipulating it and exporting the results.

Once Neil understood the purpose of this exercise he was able to offer a far more comprehensive solution than we imagined was possible.

His work was so successful that over the next 8 years we continually engaged him to further enhance what we had as well as provide previously unavailable features.

The system developed uses data import and export, complex automated filtering, reporting including graphing and exporting.  Forms are used wherever critical input is required.

We now have a system that is indispensable to our running of the training system.

I would recommend Neil without hesitation as an expert in automating Excel.

Moodle Website Administrator

Contact mark.whitington@sa.gov.au

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